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Services: Lumenelle restores and recreates historic lighting fixtures to original appearance using either traditional incandescent lamping or conversion to energy efficient metal halide, induction, fluorescent, or state-of-the-art LED (light emitting diode) where desired and possible.
In 2007, Lumenelle was involved in the largest hotel renovation in North American history with our restoration of 23 crystal chandeliers for the Grand and State Ballrooms of Chicago's landmark Palmer House Hilton
Products: Lumenelle designs custom lighting products in styles ranging from vintage to contemporary. Lumenelle has created custom light fixtures for a wide range of clients:
Casinos Four Winds Casino - New Buffalo, MI
Hotels Arista Hotel - Naperville, IL
Office Buildings Illinois Science & Techology Park - Skokie, IL
Museums Glessner House Museum - Chicago, IL

The Advantages of Using Lumenelle
Lumenelle’s experienced “product designers” and “industrial designers” are skilled in: 
“Design for Manufacturing” which reduces the number of components and fabrication labor cost. Savings that are passed on to you.
“Design for Serviceability” Eventually, all fixtures require lamp replacement, routine maintenance, and cleaning. Lumenelle designs to minimize your total cost of ownership.
“Design to Cost” Lumenelle’s design team can help you choose features, materials, finishes, etc. to design a lighting products to meet your budget or cost goals. 
Lumenelle delivers the right light for the right project.
Incandescent  Metal Halide  Fluorescent  Induction  LED (Light Emitting Diode)
Lumenelle has a well established reputation of integrating our work schedules with that of the other trades. Lumenelle typically works hand-in-hand with the project’s electrical contractor to assure safe and efficient take-down and reinstallation of the historic fixtures.
Lumenelle’s craftspeople have all had OSHA training and have the appropriate safety equipment for working on construction sites. 
The talent behind Lumenelle.
Lumenelle's design team represents nearly a century of mechanical, electrical, and industrial design experience. Combined, they hold over 35 US patents.
The same talent used to design the first ever portable cellular telephone is responsible for new, fresh, leading edge, and sophisticated lamps and light fixture designs.
The same talent used to design communications equipment to MIL-STD-810D, which helps to assure that equipment continues to function in all types of hostile environments is used to assure that Lumenelle products are robust and built to last. 
The same talent used to design two-way radios for firefighters resistance to heat and chemicals, helps to assure that the finishes on Lumenelle products will not corrode or deteriorate by use of typical cleaning agents nor discolor prematurely by heat generated by the lamp itself.
The same talent used to design two-way radios for maximum performance and range, assuring that a police officer can maintain reliable communication with dispatch or other police officers, is applied to Lumenelle lighting products for optimum dispersion of light.
The same talent used to design two-way radios that have controls that can be operated by a rescue worker in a fire or chemical suit or a scientist in Antarctica wearing heavy gloves is applied to Lumenelle’s products to assure that they are user friendly to persons with arthritis or other physical disabilities.
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Our mission is ...
To work together with our client, in a collaborative method, to deliver the best possible results for lighting projects!
To Maintain consistent yet flexible service that fits the needs of our clients.
To Research new technologies that keep our clients on the forefront of the latest technologies.
To upholde the highest level of integrity and professionalism.
We are your solution partners.
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