Peter Janko:  Lumenelle Founder, President, and Product Design Engineer  . . .
Motorola, Inc. Designed communications equipment products for 20 years. Skilled in both electrical and mechanical design. Proven record of problem solving and developing creative design solutions resulted in products that have required little or no engineering support once in production.
Motorola, Inc. 5 years of program management experience of in-house and outsourced (contract manufactured) products.
Motorola, Inc. Knowledgeable in metal die casting, plastics injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, printed circuit board fabrication, adhesive bonding, die cutting of plastic and rubber sheet materials, silk-screening, and tampo printing processes.
Motorola, Inc. Experienced in Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD). Proficient in creating 3-dimensional wire frame and solid models.
Scientech, Inc. Responsible for the scheduling, oversight, and completion of deliverables for the installation of the power system portion of a 6GHz digital communications system for the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority. Completion was 6 months ahead of schedule; project duration was 2.5 years.  Also had a major role in the creation of the conversion/installation plan documentation packages. Required skills that have significant relevance to designing and manufacturing commercial lighting. 
Designed and physically built his house in 1989. Completely rehabilitated two houses prior to that. These experiences provide valuable knowledge of residential construction and building codes and experience with dealing with building and zoning departments. It also provides insight into how the design of a lighting fixture affects the time and effort required for its installation.
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