"Ball Chain" Chandelier
Arista Hotel at CityGate Centre - Naperville, IL
Arista Hotel Ballroom
A few of the many moods of the chandeliers.
CH224 CH224
Lumenelle - CH224-SP01
Chandelier Facts:
Frame Construction: Aluminum
Dimensions: 14' 10" L x 24" W x 18" H w/ 12" Downrod
Bead Material: Nickel Plated Steel
Number of Lights: 15
Number of Chains: 2428
Total Number of Beads: 92264
Client: Calamos Real Estate LLC Naperville, IL
Design Architect:   Lohan Anderson   Chicago, IL
Chandelier Concept: Lohan Anderson Chicago, IL
Chandelier Mechanical Design: Lumenelle Marengo, IL
Installation Contractor: Gibson Electric Downers Grove, IL
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