QL Induction Lighting System Retrofit
Using technology by
The RK675 is Lumenelle’s answer to providing a solution for cost effectively preserving historical post lights. Utilizing Philips 55,85 and 165 watt QL systems, these retrofits offer electrodeless technology that provides crisp white light with a CRI of 80+, a choice of color temperature and no color shift.
Lumenelle Retrofit kit installed in a historic street light.
Ultra-long life:100,000 hours rated average life
Crisp white light and CRI of 80+
Choice of color temperatures: 3000K and 4000K
High lumen output
Operates in hot and cold environments
Instant hot and cold (re)start
Immunity to supply transients, voltage dips, & electrostatic discharge
55 Watt  -  120 V
55 Watt  -  240 V
85 Watt  -  120 V
85 Watt  -  240 V
165 Watt  -  120 V
165 Watt  -  200/277 V
Specifications subject to change (or correction) without notice.
More information on Philips QL Lighting Systems contact us.
QL Retrofit Information Sheet
RK675 Series
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