Halogen to Metal Halide Conversion
1000 Watt Quartz Halogen to 2x 150 Watt Metal Halide
Client Requirements:
1)  Maintain light level and color.
SOLUTION: Use color corrected metal halide: CRI=89, Kelvin Temperature = 3000K
2) Maintain Architectural characteristic of fixtures within the space.
SOLUTION: Reuse and modify existing fixtures.
3) Reduce Energy Consumption.
SOLUTION: Replace 1000 watt quartz tube with 2 – 150 watt metal halide lamps.
4) Extend the lamp life to reduce the number of lamp changes.
SOLUTION: Retrofit uses 12,000 hour metal halide vs. 2,000 hour quartz.
Installer Concerns:
Safely securing fixture to existing location.  Concern is to make sure the weight of fixture, especially with a ballast will be well fastened.
SOLUTION: Ballast and low-profile ballast housing will mount directly to wall and electrical box and fixture will be attached to the ballast housing.
Excerpts from Preliminary Design Specification
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Model: RK914
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