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Chandelier & Light Fixture Restoration
Two Projects in One
The renovation of Archbishop Quigley Seminary’s 46 chandeliers and light fixtures was actually performed in two distinct phases. The first phase began on September 5, 2008 and was completed on November 18, 2008. It consisted of all chandeliers and light fixtures with the exception of the three massive chandeliers in St. James Chapel. The second phase began on October 28, 2008 with the lowering of the three massive chandeliers.
Phase II Fixture Restoration
Taking Them Down The chandeliers were attached to hoists located between the chapel ceiling and the roof. This space was only accessible from the outside of the roof, 65 feet above the ground.
Disassembly & Cataloging of Components Because the chandeliers were approximately 15 feet tall, they had to be partially disassembled in order to fit them through the doors. Every disassembly step is documented with drawings and photographs.
Getting Them To The Shop Because the entire Quigley Center was undergoing renovation, there were no working elevators at the time. As a result, nearly three thousand pounds of chandelier parts had to be hand carried down a concrete circular stairway in order to get them to the courtyard.
Refinishing and Repair Each piece of brass, bronze, and steel was completely stripped and refinished. Broken and missing parts were repaired or replaced.
Hand Painting of Chandeliers The color details on the chandeliers were hand painted by Lumenelle. The original painting techniques and colors were researched to keep the chandeliers as original as possible.
Reassembly of Main Body The chandeliers were partially reassembled up to a point where they could still be transported and fit through the building doors.
Bringing Them Back Because of the weight of the chandeliers and the steep and narrow stairway, professional movers were used to carry the delicate chandeliers back up the stairs and into the chapel.
Preparation for Hanging of the Chandeliers The three major subassemblies were reassembled in the chapel. After the chandeliers were back on their chains, the candle covers and light bulbs were installed. All light bulbs were tested before raising.
The Raising of the
The reinstallation and lighting of the three large chandeliers in St. James Chapel marks the completion of Lumenelle's lighting restoration.
Phase I  Fixture Restoration
St. James Chapel
Wall Sconce
Ceiling Fixture
Cardinal's Wing
Type 1
Chandelier Type 2
Pendant Fixture
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