Preparation for Rehanging of the Chandeliers
Phase 2 - Chapel of St. James Chandelier Restoration
The three major subassemblies were reassembled in the chapel. After the chandeliers were back on their chains, the candle covers and light bulbs were installed. All light bulbs were tested before raising.
Quigley Center
Quigley Center
Reattaching the top section to the middle section. Wiring the middle section to the top section.
Quigley Center
Quigley Center
Chandelier wiring being attached to wiring already attached to the chain.Chandelier raised enough to permit lower third to be reattached.
Quigley Center Quigley Center
Lower third to be reattached. After the bottom cross is reattached at the very bottom, the chandelier is complete.Using a temporary hook-up, all light bulbs were tested prior to raising the chandeliers.
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