Crystal Chandelier Restorations
Rialto Square Theatre - Joliet, IL
Rialto Square Theater
Crystal globe chandiers and their reflections in the "Hall of Mirrors" in the Rialto Theatre's esplande. The Duchess' reflection can also be seen in the background.
Lumenelle began the process of restoring 32 chandeliers and light fixtures at the historic Rialto Square Theater in Joliet on June 28, 2010. The restoration involves the removal and cleaning of every individual piece of crystal. The sockets and wiring on all fixtures is also being replaced.
The RotundaThe Esplanade
  • "The Duchess"
  • 11 - crystal hanging ceiling fixtures
  • 3 - medium crystal globe chandeliers
  • 1 - small crystal globe chandelier
  • 8 - crystal wall sconces
  • The TheaterThe Promenade
  • 2 - large crystal globe chandeliers
  • 2 - medium crystal globe chandeliers
  • 2 - three tier crystal ceiling fixtures
  • 2 - small crystal globe chandeliers
  • Rialto Square Theater
    Restoration Photo Galleries ...
    "The Duchess"The Other Rialto Chandeliers
    Note: These are temporary galleries during the restoration. Final galleries with
    more detailed captions will be added after completion of the project.
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