Historic Lighting Restoration
Lumenelle restores and recreates historic lighting fixtures to original appearance using either traditional incandescent lamping or conversion to energy efficient metal halide, induction, fluorescent, or state-of-the-art LED (light emitting diode) where desired and possible.
Lumenelle Lighting Restoration BrochurePDF
Deering Library Replacement Glass
Rialto Square Theatre - Joliet, IL
Restoration of the "The Duchess", one of the largest crystal
chandeliers in the North America and 31 other chandeliers and
light fixtures.
CD Peacock
Ultra Diamonds - Chicago, IL
Restoration of the Tiffany Chandeliers in the Historic C.D. Peacock Store
on State Street now occupied by Ultra Diamonds.
Archbishop Quigley Center - Chicago, IL
Restoration of St. James Chapel Chandeliers & Light Fixtures
Restoration of Cardinal's Wing Chandeliers & Light Fixtures
Palmer House
Palmer House Hilton - Chicago, IL
Restoration of Grand Ballroom & State Ballroom Chandeliers
Deering Library Replacement Glass
Deering Library - Northwestern University - Chicago, IL
Replacement Glass for the Foyer Chandeliers
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